Almost the weekend, although it’s only Wednesday. Magic made possible by the catholic church (as well as using redheads for firewood). But I digress.

While akira fukuhara (the other guy posting on this blog) upholds the techno tradition of ancient littlesamurai, I am of the opinion a sharp beat shall not be neglected in battle. Sa-Ra himself has a kill record about 100db long (deep?).

So, for the weekend and the beatheads, I give you this excellent 12 minute excerpt from DJ Mitsu’s new LP (on Jazzy SportDJ Mitsu the Beats – Beat installments Vol. 2. Hell, he’s even Japanese.

Speaking of Japanese beats – one of my favorites on Jazzy Sport is rapper OYG’s album “Now.. then, again.” with beats produced by BudaMunk. Really dig his flow, with all the switching from Engurishu to Japanesu.

Have a good weekend.