September 2013

TTT: Rocco, Urulu & Huerta

September 24, 2013

And once again, it’s TuesdayTechnoTime. I’ll take the liberty of making this a House edition, since the arrival of fall outside puts me in a more contemplative mood….

The Hics Bosom

September 12, 2013

Heard of the Hics before? In this live clip the British sextett seriously FUNKs shit up: 6/4 time, eclectic saxophone, nicely backed vocals, snappy clapsnare.. I’ totally sold. They have…

Bring the Magic: John Wizards

September 6, 2013

Sometimes I need a fix of  music that makes me feel good – I then usually turn up some reggae/dub for the afternoon, with its healing powers and…