May 2013


TTT: Kyle MF’in Hall

May 28, 2013

Here goes another Tuesday Techno Time! This one is on one very young house (wait, wait. it’s getting more T than H below) producer, Kyle Hall – or KMFH,…


Albums: BoC & Omar

May 24, 2013

Two upcoming new album releases just blipped on my radar. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s harvest So yeah, we’ve all enjoyed the new daft punk album (ok, I…


Sarah Farina Groove Mix

May 16, 2013

Berlin based Sarah Farina’s effortless switching between house, trap, dubstep (not much, I promise), hip hop, beats, unameit, is pretty amazing and much fun to listen to. This…


TTT: Happa Happa Happa

May 14, 2013

It’s Tuesday Techno Time! Fuck all that ass wiggling and harmony (yes, I am streaming the new Daft Punk album). There are times where one lusts for straight…


J-Beats: DJ Mitsu & OYG

May 8, 2013

Almost the weekend, although it’s only Wednesday. Magic made possible by the catholic church (as well as using redheads for firewood). But I digress. While akira fukuhara (the…

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HTWGTAC #1: Mushrooms remixes

May 6, 2013

This is the first installment in my new category (Akira, you remember we wanted to do a whole compilation on this back in the days?) House Tracks With…



May 3, 2013

Warmth and sunshine are upon us these days, and it is time to dig out a classic summer track to celebrate that. Works best in the context of…


Mr Carmack #2

May 1, 2013

After listening through all his stuff (see the previous post here) I have decided that I will write his name here (as he writes it) in big letters…