HTWGTAC #1: Mushrooms remixes

This is the first installment in my new category (Akira, you remember we wanted to do a whole compilation on this back in the days?)

House Tracks With Guys Talking (about drugs, clubs – it’s always the same)

This one is an excellent remix of Marshall Jefferson house classic from 1996. Dutch producer Frits Wentink makes this a bouncy broken 4×4 beat and adds some focus on bass. Funky shit, dutch producer person.

On the same EP you’ll find a remix by Trevino, not too bad either.

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  1. akira fukuhara

    Ahhh, “Mushrooms”. The HTWGT of all HTWGT’s. Great remix, too.

    I’ll have another sweet track to contribute to this category when the Soundcloud upload finishes! Definitely must keep this going.

    • I have a few in stock for this as well! When we get together 12 we should do this compilation finally.

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