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Trackheadz – Our Music

November 24, 2015

“Dreamy and meaningful deep house music”, DJ Magazine rightly called the self-titled debut album by Trackheadz in 2006. I stumbled upon “Our Music” for the first time late last night, although…


Max Graef – Rivers of the red planet

April 23, 2014

Max Graef produces a unique kind of beat – simultaneously playful and shuffly yet deeply, seriously, grooving. And he is only around 22 years old, which sort of makes me think…


Carmack goes melodic

November 27, 2013

Just can’t get around Mr. Carmack somehow. Now he goes and releases this broken monster which changes halfway into something far more melodic and jazzy than we’re used…


Dirty Jesus

August 21, 2013

Tenno has been on a massive solo posting streak lately, but while he’s off to Takeshi’s Castle or something in the far East, I’m taking his place and…


Japan’s Cosmic Apples/Trumpets

June 6, 2013

Kan Sano – Cosmic Apple This has been on my playlist for almost a month now, such a good track. Japanese jazz pianist Kan Sano released this track on Berlin…


Albums: BoC & Omar

May 24, 2013

Two upcoming new album releases just blipped on my radar. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s harvest So yeah, we’ve all enjoyed the new daft punk album (ok, I…