Tenno has been on a massive solo posting streak lately, but while he’s off to Takeshi’s Castle or something in the far East, I’m taking his place and putting some tunes out there, starting with a 17 year old house track. Shit, I feel old now.

I know what you are thinking, nothing bad could ever come from a deep house guy named Dirty Jesus. And you are not mistaken. While totally unknown and obscure, his track “Feet-Food’s Theme” is a deep, moody, mellow jazz-infused late night groover if ever there was one. Totally got me. Feels like the kind of tunes Tenno and I used to listen to in the early 00’s… OK, here we go:

If you, like me, now desire to get deeper into this kind of late 90’s jazz-house, both Future Sound Of Paris compilations, and the Paper Recordings releases are a great starting point. A timeless style.