I feel like I’m caught in a Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels loop. Ever since I put on El Michels Affair.

They produce supertight and laidback funk/soul, with maybe a little bit of african influences as far as I can hear (see exhibit #1)

The cool part is, they apparently where the live-band for a few concerts with the Wu-Tang clan (we’re talking 36 chambers era) and they released a full album of instrumentals. Listening to is making me so happy, its a bit scary.

In 2005, after the record had generated an industry buzz, Scion approached El Michels Affair with the prospect of performing with Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan. The epic grittiness of Rza’s production matched perfectly with the soulful, cinematic sound El Michels Affair was known for. In fact, it matched so well that El Michels Affair went on to play four more concerts with members of the Wu-Tang, including a national tour with Raekwon, which climaxed into a series of critically acclaimed 7″ releases from El Michels Affair which were instrumental re-interpolations of Rza’s original beats.