Good ol’ LA keeps bringing forth these unique concoctions of melody and beat like Flying Lotus and Thundercat. MAST (who I can find absolutely no information about online) could be yet another one of those LA gems.

His debut album is out  Jan 28th on Alpha Pup Records and this short preview track with the amazing Jeremiah Jae caught my attention. With a very highly nonlinear song structure, this two parter starts with highly layered jazzy beats under live instrumentation. Then this sample kicks in. And the whole thing becomes a one minute aggro-Dilla showcase for Jeremiah’s flow. And I love that drawn in breath in the end.

On a related note, if you like the above: did you know that Flying Lotus produces/raps under the moniker Captain Murphy? His album is my absolute favorite this year so far and highly features Jeremiah Jae. So do check it out.