Sometimes I need a fix of  music that makes me feel good – I then usually turn up some reggae/dub for the afternoon, with its healing powers and all that. The Caribbean influenced NY hipster conglomerate that is Vampire Weekend does a good job at soul equilibration.

Enter: John Wizards (bye bye Vampire Weekend). These South African newcomers manage to string together dub/happy melody progression with electronic elements and a good portion of weirdness and unexpected surprise. They just released their self-titled debut on Planet Mu – beware, this album does not seem to want to stick to any particular style of music. Every time I thought “ah, now I get it” it changes up again, and left me both enchanted and confused – I love it.

Interested? Let me guide you through the progression I made before the album:

Welcome to Cape Town, Cape Town Welcomes You
Highly compressed Carribean music w/ subtle electronics? I need more of this.

Lusaka By Night (Live)
Hey, they’re actually a band!

Lusaka By Night
Ah, why did they have to go and autotune this? Hold on this video is actually pretty good.. *blown away*. Please, do watch this.

Mix for the Quietus
This mix alone is worth falling in love with them. MY BLISS WILL NEVER END.