And once again, it’s TuesdayTechnoTime. I’ll take the liberty of making this a House edition, since the arrival of fall outside puts me in a more contemplative mood. Still, we’re going to stay above 125bpm. My dear coauthor Akira Fukuhara will probably say the songs I picked out are typical Tenno songs, with warm vibey 7ths and all that – but that’s just how I soul (got it? got it?).

Paolo Rocco – Move Body, Move Forward

Dude is Canadian and comes up with one of the songs make you bounce around in your chair – I love the interplay between vocals & chords.

BTO spider would also love this. In fact (if you don’t get the reference check out his radio show on Tuesday nights on FM4), do me a favor and play the following short sample while the song is running in background:

Es ist ein Wahnsinn, was diese Leute aufführen im Wald.

Urulu & Steve Huerta – Things I Didn’t Mean

Classic bassline, and grooved itself right into this post. You’re allowed to play the sample above to this song as well by the way.